Error email sent through SMTP protocol


I’m trying to send the contact information through email and form plugins. I think my configuration is ok, both email plugin and form plugin. However when I try to send any form from my hosting, it shows me this error:

Expected response code 220 but got code “”, with message "rblsmtpd: pid 83451: 451 Blocked - see

I hope your help, this is the only error I have, at the momento, in my grav site.

Thanks so much.

Well, just guessing because there isn’t much about your hosting setup in your post.

The core message of that error is that the IP address of your server has been used in the past to send spam-emails, and that this IP has consequently been blacklisted on SpamCop, one the bigger spam-monitoring players.

This often happens when you buy a new server (VPS or not) and the operator assigns a free IP from his pool. It can happen that you inherit an IP address from a former spammer.

You basically have a couple of options:

  • cancel you server and create a new one, praying for a more healthy IP address
  • wait a couple of days/weeks, and it should be whitelisted again (unused IP addresses get automatically whitelisted after some time)
  • contact the SBL companies to have it whitelisted. That takes some time and effort, but is overall doable.

Looking at your specific IP address, I would go with the first option. Your IP address is listed all over the place, and that will make it pretty hard to send emails from there.

Thank you, so much for your help.
I’ve configured my email.yaml file with the following:

  engine: smtp
port: 25
encryption: none
user: --------
password: --------
bin: '/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs'
content_type: text/html
debug: false
charset: utf-8

My website ip is, however the output message when I try to send email from the grav form, is, that’s very strange. Despite this, I’ll contact with my hosting provider and I’ll tell them this problem.

Again, thank you so much.