Error after

Hello, I just updated and nothing works anymore … I don’t understand anything about my space anymore … I have a backup dating back 3 months how to walk everything again.
And my pages no longer exist … in real trouble
My thème is hola.

The error comes in the addresses … my site works with English but not in French which is normally the default site … the address is weird Présentation | Ecopads

@marc63400, Sorry to see you haven’t had any response yet…

Let’s see if we can do something about it.

  • What have you tried so far?

  • How easily can you restore a backup?

  • In ‘/user/config/system.yaml’, what does the entire section ‘languages’ look like?

      supported: [fr, en]
      include_default_lang: true
  • What does $ bin/grav yamllinter return?

  • Are there relevant entries in ‘/logs/grav.log’?

  • You said

    And my pages no longer exist

    That is highly unexpected from an upgrade of Grav. What do you mean: Are the files gone, or are they not displayed in the browser any more?

  • Do you have a development system you can test on?

I make a backup … to restore the site …
but I don’t dare to touch it anymore …

    - fr
    - en
  default_lang: fr
  include_default_lang: true
  pages_fallback_only: false
  translations: true

I see my pages in the admin part but if I try to make a modification I have a message that my page does not exist for the fr part

@marc63400, Have a look at the OS, not Admin. If the system is broken, chances are that the responses by Admin will be broken too…

On your site, both /en and /fr give French pages.

i know it’s strange but for the moment that does not pose a problem for me
if you want access I can give it to you to test :slight_smile: now I know my backup is working :slight_smile:

@marc63400, Good to hear the current state of the site is acceptable to you.

  • Do you have a development or test environment?
  • If not, can you setup one and copy the site to the dev environment?
  • I’m not keen of accessing your production system…
    • If you lack the skills, I’m willing to have a look at a copy of your site. You could send me an email with a link from where I can download a zip of the site.