Error adding a new page

I’ve got a problem for adding a new page. I just create a new page with this link .
But when i click on the link in the header, i’ve got a “Not Found” error.

I check twice, and the .htaccess file exists and is present in the directory /var/www/html on my server.
I red the troubleshooting page, but the issue is the same. I don’t know pas directory i have to put in the option RewriteBase.

Can you help me ? :smiley:

Thx in advance

First thing to do is to check this page in the docs…


I’ve read this page and try the differents things. But the problem is the same.

Here is the structure of my server :

and in this repertory there are : .htaccess, user folder, etc …

The file .htaccess is in the repertory …/html.
I’ve change AllowOverride option to All.

What i don’t understant is :

You should change the ‘/’ to your appropriate subfolder

What is the appropriate subfolder ? Is it the folder where the .htaccess is ? or the folder of the pages ?

Thx in advance

You need to ensure AllowOverride All is enabled for your virtual host/apache. If it is not, it won’t even read the .htaccess and if that is the case anything in there is irrelevant. Are you sure that file is even being read?