Email plugin permissions – need some guidance

I’m having an issue with getting an email form to send on my live server (Centos 7). It works locally perfectly, and when logged into my server as a superuser (root) I can send a test email from the command line and it arrives to my inbox (and a remote inbox not on the server) just fine. I cannot however get the form to submit through the browser.

I’m guessing it’s a permissions issue, and I’ve read the guide on fixing permissions but I’m not entirely sure what I should be doing to resolve it. I’ve checked and Apache is running as nobody:nobody, whilst my Grav site is running under the virtual host account name pinsite:pinsite.

Who/what do I need to give permission to?

So, after much tweaking, Googling and testing, I finally managed to get it working. Essnetially the form was timing out and the server was throwing a generic 500 error message. Here’s what I did to resolve it.

First I made sure my server was running PHP7+ by default. Originally I was just using .htaccess to switch to PHP7 for that domain. This normally works just fine, but to be safe I ensured the CLI was running 7.X too.

Then I ensured the files inside the bin folder were executable with chmod +x bin/*

Finally, as mentioned here, I changed the Sendmail flag at the bottom of the plugin settings page from -bs to -t.

Now the form submits, the notification pops up and emails arrive as expected.

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