E-commerce solution with payment gateway for brazil

I really want to get rid of Wordpress, can anyone suggest me any option?

I thought about using Getgrav but I do not think there are any payments to Brazil. The ideal payment would be Pagseguro, but any other option is already ok

I’m not aware of any plugin using Pagseguro, but if you don’t have many items to sell, you can simply add a button on each item page, copying the code (https://pagseguro.uol.com.br/desenvolvedor/botoes_de_pagamento.jhtml#rmcl). Of course, the better way would be to create a twig template that takes the item data from the page metadata and renders the button.
You can take a look at this skeleton and use it as a base: https://demo.getgrav.org/shop-skeleton/

It all depends on the complexity of the WordPress site you need to replace.

I’m not an expert, so these are just a few suggestions, not a solution to your question.

Hi Marco, thanks for your answer, but i don’t know if that solution is viable, because now we have 300 products and the tendency is that the shop will grow more with the time

i think we’re going to use wordpress for now… :disappointed: