Dynamic global variable

How can I use dynamic global variables ?
I want to assign variable in a first template and use it in a second one.

if what you need is to pass a variable from a template twig to another can watch the file blog.html.twig where the variables blog, page and truncate are initialized to be used in the file blog_item.html. twig
In this case there is no need for global variables :slight_smile:

thanks iusvar,
in your suggestion, you have to include first template in a second one.
Is there another way without any link between the 2 templates ?

Yes, you can set a variable in the site object then use it later.

In the first Twig template do something like this:

{% set site = {'my_custom_var':'foo'}|merge(site) %}

Then in the other template you will now have access to it:

<h1>{{ site.my_custom_var }}</h1>

A better approach is simply to pass the variable from one template to the next with this syntax:

{% include 'partials/my_other_template.html.twig' with {'my_custom_var':'foo'} %}

Thanks rhukster

In the first template, I try :
{% set site = {‘my_custom_var’:‘foo’}|merge(site) %}
{% set site = site | merge ({‘my_custom_var’:‘foo’}) %}

{{ site.my_custom_var }}

works in this first template, but is empty in second one.

If I first assign my_custom_var in site.yaml, site.my_custom_var changes in first template, not in second one.

the SET twig command seems not to change global site variable.

The second approach do not suit because the 2 templates are independent and not included.

Not included? You mean they are not in the same process? If so none of these will work. You can’t set a variable at runtime from a twig template. These do not persist back to the filesystem or cache.

You really will need to write a plugin to achieve this. Something that actually sets the variable then writes it back to the filesystem, or rethink your strategy because this is just not a standard thing to do.