Global twig variable for page.find('/images')

Hey guys,

when using a centralized folder for image linking like the learn page suggests, is it somehow possible to store the image path for “page.find('/images')” in a global twig variable?

right now I always have to set the image path on each template, like this:
{% set images = page.find('/images) %}}
{['my-image.jpg'].html }}

That’s redundant…

My idea is to define the set images variable somewhere global, to use is in multiple templates without defining it each time.

Maybe this is possible by extending the twig_vars in my theme.php, but I’m not sure if that’s the right approach?

So have you tried setting it in your theme’s base template? I keep forgetting how scope works in Twig. I assume you have, though.

Failing that, twig_vars as you mentioned will work and is the only other option I can think of.

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Setting a global var inside the base template was one of the first things I tried. Unfortunately it does not work.

According to this answer it’s not possible to do this template-wise, without passing the variable as an argument when including partials. (Dynamic global variable)

Extending twig_vars inside my theme.php does work in fact. I just had a look at how it’s done at Gravs’ default theme quark, but I don’t know how to get page.find('/images') to work inside the theme.php

I would :heart_eyes: to see that feature implemented.

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It’s not as well documented and often requires experimenting to see how it actually works, but if you are comfortable digging around in the API docs and sometimes source code, you’ll find that most Grav Twig functions have a PHP equivalent. In fact, I think the Twig API simply calls the PHP API and is a subset of it.

Looks like there’s a PHP find method on the Page object and Pages object and possibly other useful methods. Try those and look further if you need to.

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Ahh!Almost forgot about the api section, will have a look and hopefully get it to work somehow.


OK, got it working!
My theme.php looks like this now:

namespace Grav\Theme;

use Grav\Common\Theme;
use Grav\Common\Grav;

class THEME_NAME extends Theme

	public function onTwigInitialized() {
		$grav = Grav::instance();
		$grav['pages']->init(); // initializing pages to access them
		$twig = $this->grav['twig'];

		$imagePath =  $grav['pages']->find('/images');
		$globalVars = [
			'images' => $imagePath,

		$twig->twig_vars = array_merge($twig->twig_vars, $globalVars);


You just have to initialize Pages before you can use them, then you can use the find(string $url, bool $all=false) function from the pages API to get the images location.
After this, I just can use my custom global var images in every twig template file, like this:

	<figure class="w100 w8@l overlay pr@l">
		{{[page.header.heroimage].cropResize(hero_image_width, hero_image_height).html('title', 'ALT text', 'db fit-cover') }}

Maybe some PHP/Twig expert can still have a look at it, maybe there is a better way to write this.
However… at least it works for me now.

Again thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers :tada: