Duplicate modular page

When I duplicate a modular page, the slug does not duplicate the “_” before its name. The person who does this operation must therefore think of adding it by hand.
Is this a bug?
It is not complicated for a webmaster, but it becomes complicated for a novice…
Thanks :slight_smile:

can you detail your getgrav version and modular plugin using?

Grav v1.7.38 - Admin v1.10.38

In fact, it is possible to copy a module without problems. I must specify.
When copying a module, it is proposed to change the title.
Automatically, the name of the folder is changed, and then the underscore disappears. It is necessary to think of adding it at the end…

@robin, I hope the following feature request is what you’re after:

If you’ve got more suggestions, please add your comments to the feature request.

Thank you @pamtbaau !