Dreamhost Install

Hi there, I was following the guide on learn.getgrav.com and I encountered this error while trying to set it up on Dreamhost. The only difference I made was changing the version of grav installed.

mv: try to overwrite ./logs', overriding mode 0550 (r-xr-x---)? yes mv: cannot movegrav/logs’ to ./logs': File exists mv: cannot statgrav/.htaccess’: No such file or directory
rmdir: failed to remove `grav’: Directory not empty

Anyone able to tell me more about this error? :frowning: Thanks!

What command originated this error?

mv grav/* grav/.htaccess ./; rmdir grav

This one, copied straight from the installation guide.

Dreamhost has a /logs folder under your user folder. /home/youruser/logs. You’re probably trying to overwrite that folder?

The commands listed should just move the Grav site in your domain folder. You can also do it via FTP.

:smiley: Cheers. Got it up!