Doable in Grav?: random snippet of text

Hello! I’m thinking of switching from WP, but there is a website feature that I must preserve, and I can’t picture how it can be done without a database.

It’s a quote-of-the-day type thingy. On page load, PHP pulls a random text snippet from a table of such snippets. I hope that’s clear.

Please let me know your thoughts…thank you!


You don’t need a database for that. A simple text file of quotes is more than sufficient. I’m surprised there’s not already a plugin that does this, but it would be trivial to write. And you could do it just in twig, too.

If nobody beats me to it, I’ll do a fortune plugin this week.

I have just uploaded an example plugin that shows a random quote from a list of quotes stored in user/data/randomquote.yaml.

The repo’s url is Random Quote and feedback is welcome.