Display sub-pages on modular page

Hi all

My home page is a modular page. One of the modules is a slideshow. I want to create slides as sub-pages of the slideshow page/module.

My question is; how can I show sub-pages within a modular page?

I suggest to try using the Grav Page Inject Plugin.

Never noticed that there’s a plugin for that! In case you want to try to do it manually, like I did (used this to display the contents of a “Pricing” subpage on a modular home page — maybe it works for a slideshow as well):


title: Pricing
menu: homepage pricing
	twig: true

{% include '/modular/resource-render.html.twig' with {'page': page.find('/pricing/_pricing')} %}


{{ page.content }}

Thanks for the help.
I decided to simply use blueprints to create a form (list) which enabled me to dynamically add images with titles and captions etc.