Display some pages of a collection, then browsing through all of them

This must be simple but I can’t figure it out.

Let’s say I have a folder with different items. I’d like to build a page with a list of links to some of these items; then on clicking on one of these links you access an item## page, with arrows allowing you to navigate to all other items in the collection.

For the sake of clarity: I’d like to have a page “Trees” listing say, 12 specific trees; then on each “Tree##” page I can navigate through next and previous arrows through all other “Tree” pages.

How would you achieve this result?

nb: I realize this is probably not part of best practices for clear navigation, but this is intended!

I solved it by creating a separate “Trees” page, showing a collection of children of “All Trees” page and visible:true.
Then on clicking on one of these you just browse through the “All Trees” section pages.

Sorry this wasn’t really such a complex problem afterall!