Further question on collection items

Further to my previous post on “next”/“prev” link, I managed to create links to item pages in a collection, with directory structure like this:

The default.md has one line in the frontmatter:

  items: '@self.children'

And all directories have a file item.md. It works fine for “next”/“prev” page link.

Now I am trying to create “next”/“prev” in another folder:

In this case, the pages\07.thinker has a few folders, one of which 01.weekly will have various sub folders.

In pages\07.thinker\01.weekly\default.md, I inserted the

  items: '@self.children'

into it. in pages\07.thinker\01.weekly\01...., I created item.md but it won’t show the “next”/“prev”.

So, does the “next”/“prev” support directory structures like this?

@pamtbaau As requested, I post the tree structure for reference.

@taylorren, In a fresh site using Quark theme, I have created the following folder structure:

├── 01.weekly
│   ├── 01.monday
│   │   └── item.md   <-- shows 'Previous Post'
│   ├── 02.tuesday
│   │   └── item.md   <-- shows 'Next Post'
│   └── default.md    <-- contains collection
└── default.md        <--       no collection
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I think I have found the issue: when I create the 2nd folder, it is now working. My mistake and you are right. @pamtbaau