Sub navigation collection on each page

I’ve added a subnavigation in the footer of a webpage which are the children of page info. The issue I have is that every time I need to add the collection to the page I create in the admin module like this (so on every .md file I want to have the submenu available:)
@page.children’: /info

This is my subnav.twig file:

/ {% for p in page.collection('infomenu') %} {% set active_page = ( or p.activeChild) ? 'active' : '' %} {{ }} / {% endfor %}

It would be nice if the collection could be defined in the blueprint, however this is not working. Is there a way so that a collection is available on every page?


@freeyland You could define a twig template and define the collection inside the template. Have a look at the docs on Collection Object Methods for an example of a collection created in Twig.

Then {% include %} the template inside the footer section of ‘base.html.twig’. Now every page will have the navigation inside the footer.