Direct Install Tool - "not a valid Grav package"

just started getting an error message when we try to update a theme package using the Direct Upload Tool. We’re on Grav v1.6.16 - Admin v1.9.10. I’m getting this on two different installs. I’ve tried this with several different theme packages that I know work, including the default quark theme and basic theme packages created using bin/plugin devtools new-theme

Did something change recently with the direct upload tool? Everything is working fine using the GUI “Add theme” method in the admin panel or by manually uploading and unzipping files on the server.

so it looks like the issue is in line 191 of Grav/Common/GPM/Installer.php. $zip->getNameIndex(0) is returning the assets folder name and it looks like it should be returning the root theme folder. I got around this by throwing the blueprints.yaml and the theme php and yaml files in the assets folder for now, but it looks like this is a change in behavior for the underlying PHP ZipArchive class. I’m running PHP 7.2.19 on Ubuntu 18.04.2 and PHP 7.3.9 in development.

@msqueeg, Please report any bug you find at

Yep if you believe this to be a bug, please report it on Github. It won’t get noticed here at all.

Thank you very much for following up here though :slight_smile: If you feel lazy, you could just link this post from Github. It’s well described here.

thanks, yes, cross posted on the github issues list.