Difference between Skeleton and Templates

difference between Skeleton and Templates

i have just downloaded and read few pages of introduction

but i am still not clear if i should start from a skeleton or from a template to tweak and model to my liking

First I’d start with the tutorial
The tutorial is based on the Antimatter theme.
The Antimatter theme is the default theme in the default download (plus Admin plugin)

You could also download and install a skeleton. A skeleton is preconfigured, usually has some pre-filled content, blueprint, etc. and nice pictures, but often that lacks the Admin plugin. You can (manually) add the Admin plugin if you like.
It all depends on how experienced you are creating and editing yaml/text-files (as decribed in the tutorials)

not experienced at all being my first trial … maybe i will have trouble to install the admin plugin manually … thanks for your reply, in fact i didnt know the skeletons, which look rich, are without admin plugin

Hi, it’s no rocket science, you can read about it here. Will you be running locally or on a (remote) webserver?