Detailed tutorial for Deliver theme

Is there a detailed tutorial for the Deliver theme somewhere out there?

To be specific, how to add the needed elements to build a version of the site as seen in the skeleton packages/demo?

The instructions for installing it at certainly work, but the things that make the Deliver theme stand out are the kinds of things that would be good to know how to implement quickly.

It has a lot of great features, but (and maybe I haz teh dumz) I’m having trouble jumping from “Okay, theme now installed on my site” and “Okay, theme and services and other features are now all working and gorgeous on my site.”

Thanks! :slight_smile:

i think not :frowning:
had you seen the grav documentation? there you will learn how to build a modular page, it’s very important to build a version similiar to the demo
also you could try to read the code of parts of the modular page (in folder pages), for example a modular page as 01.home>_showcase:

here start the frontmatter/headers ->

title: Showcase
menu: Top
  - image: image1.jpg <--- image on folder '_showcase'
    heading: "We <strong>deliver</strong> nothing short of awesome !"
    subheading: "Check out our portfolio to see our great work.."
    button_text: PORTFOLIO <--- here you build the button on the showcase
    button_url: <-- the url
  - image: image2.jpg <--- another slide
    heading: "Aenean lacinia <strong>bibendum</strong> nulla sed consectetur. !"
    subheading: "Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod.."
    button_text: LOREM

here finish the frontmatter, good luck! :)
P.D.: sorry for my bad english i just want to be useful
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I am having trouble examining the skeleton demo. When I try to install the admin plugin, it crashes the site.

I guess I could ignore the admin plugin and just look at the files.

Okay, it just did it again – trying to install the Admin plugin on the Deliver skeleton and it just crashes when I try to go to domain/admin.

What’s annoying is that for a DIFFERENT site, I loaded a different skeleton, and then loaded in the admin plugin folder and went to the site and it immediately had me make an initial user. Happily done.

Obviously, people are creating sites by starting with the Deliver skeleton, so I must be doing something wrong.

I’ll try shelling in… :confused:

Well, this is no end of frustrating. I kinda wish the Delivery skeleton had the Admin plug-in – that would pretty much have saved me an entire day of failing to achieve a site.