Deprecations Noted by Debugger on Development Environment


As if updating my XAMPP installation and PHP to accommodate the new version of Grav wasn’t enough, I see I have a number of deprecations I’d like to rid from the Debugger. I’m running a modular pages website inherited from the latest version of Antimatter. Trying to resolve the following deprecations seem to be above my paygrade:

  1. Not escaping a backslash in a double-quoted string is deprecated since Symfony 2.8 and will throw a ParseException in 3.0

  2. Grav 2.0 will have Twig auto-escaping forced on (can be emulated by turning off ‘system.strict_mode.twig_compat’ setting in your configuration

  3. Calling “pageLinkName” on template “modular.html.twig” from template “modular.html.twig” is deprecated since version 1.28 and won’t be supported anymore in 2.0

Should I be worrying about 2 & 3 now or in the future. One seems relevant now; but, I’m not sure which file(s) is affected.


Wouldn’t worry too much about it. Grav 2 is some time off.