Deprecations Noted by Debugger on Development Environment

As if updating my XAMPP installation and PHP to accommodate the new version of Grav wasn’t enough, I see I have a number of deprecations I’d like to rid from the Debugger. I’m running a modular pages website inherited from the latest version of Antimatter. Trying to resolve the following deprecations seem to be above my paygrade:

  1. Not escaping a backslash in a double-quoted string is deprecated since Symfony 2.8 and will throw a ParseException in 3.0

  2. Grav 2.0 will have Twig auto-escaping forced on (can be emulated by turning off ‘system.strict_mode.twig_compat’ setting in your configuration

  3. Calling “pageLinkName” on template “modular.html.twig” from template “modular.html.twig” is deprecated since version 1.28 and won’t be supported anymore in 2.0

Should I be worrying about 2 & 3 now or in the future. One seems relevant now; but, I’m not sure which file(s) is affected.

Wouldn’t worry too much about it. Grav 2 is some time off.

This is pretty annoying actually. We have a production website that throw thousands of those logs. How do we deactivate those depreciation messages? Deprecated means that we can replace it with something and actually solve the problem. Here there is no way to do anything about it except waiting for Grav 2.0 to be released?

Any solution to propose?