Deploy on Digital Ocean

Anyone successfully running Grab on Digital Ocean? …if so, was there any special configurations you had to do on the server to get it installed?

I’ve been trying to deploy but getting a server error. Been reading through the forum as well to understand the problem.

I dont have experience my self with Digital Ocean, but the informtion in the docs may be helpfull.

Hey, thanks for the reply. We’ve been having nothing but problems trying to get Grav (+Admin) installed on Digital Ocean. I’m not sure why it is being so problematic. We’re attempting to put it on a sub domain which I feel like should be really straight forward, but it’s not. We got it installed (without Grav Admin) at first just fine, but then when we did a clean install again of Grav + Admin it wouldn’t if we installed it on the root directly. It needed to be in a directory on it’s own like “grab-admin” which is not what we wanted…

So we’re still trying to get this resolved… :frowning:

Definitley there is not much difference when you install Grav and Grav+admin, the admin itself is just a plugin. A plugin that you can install later by usign a command line or even just copying plugin files.

Why you dont back to your original working Grav installation without admin and check everithing is working ok,including page creation to make sure your routing is working ok and you dont get a 400 error.

I will also recommed you to enter the slack channel and you will sure get quicker support


Still looking into installing Grav on DO? I have several Grav sites running, so I can help you out when needed.

Please let me know.


I have hosted grav with DO, but I am using Cloudways php hosting platform. Since the platform is managed and provides 1-click, I didn’t have to do any configuration. However, later you may have to configure some packages, like Elasticsearc, with your website.

I use LetsCloud because they have a very easy platform. Also, I can have servers in different places for fair prices.