Deploy Grav on Nginx Webserver does not show styling

Hi, I’m deploying a grav site to my CentOS 7 webserver using Nginx and PHP-FPM. I configured everything following the guide here, but the pages are all showing skeleton html. The admin panel’s styling works fine though.

Here’s the index page

Checking the network response of the index page, it’s getting 200 for some css in the assets/.css, which leads me to believe that I’m getting the proper CSS file, but it’s not being encoded properly or something of sorts. I’m not familiar with the file structure of grav (and PHP tbh) enough to be sure that this is the only css file I’m supposed to receive.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Update: I realized that the CSS and JS files of the theme are not being requested. I still don’t know what’s causing the problem, and there’s no error being logged.

Admin panel works fine but the preview still shows no style

Setting the css_pipeline: false and js_pipeline: false in the user/config/system.yaml solved the problem for me. Not sure if this is the correct behavior if I set the asset pipeline to true . Might be a bug?

Can you post two links to whatever gist or pastebin you want for the CSS output of each css_pipeline option?

Just put the custom file(s) for the “non-pipelined” output. :slight_smile: