Adding custom logo to modular pages in Deliver Theme

Hi Guys,

I’ve followed these instructions to add a custom logo to the Deliver theme but I’m having some issues trying to figure out how to add the logo into the modular page that I’ve set up.

I’ve looked all through the modular folder and also the modular.html.twig file to find some reference to the logo on modular pages but I just can’t seem to find where it’s being pulled from.

Any ideas?

I see your logo on your website. You sorted it right ?

Unfortunately no. I have it working on all normal pages that run on the partials folders…but not modular pages like {this one}(

Can you see the logo on that page?

That logo?

First time going to the website I see the “logo” in the default deliver font. When I did a CTRL F5 to hard refresh the page I can see the logo as per Gert’s image.

OK - now I feel like a dickhead…needed to clear my browser cache. Cleared every other cache (Grav, Cloudflare etc) but not the browser cache.

Cheers guys…I’m off to slap my forehead now and face-palm for the rest of the morning!