Date picker in Admin plugin only shows 29 days for March 2014

There are 31 days, but it’s not showing the bottom line with 30 and 31.

Looks fine to me, can you make a screenshot of where you’re seeing that? Also, with which browser/os?

Confirmed for me: Date picker only displays 5 rows while it sometimes needs a 6th one. To me the bug also affects the days row (which takes the room for a 6th row in the days numbers). It wasn’t a zooming issue.
Had to shoot the display to get a capture (Firefox; Ubuntu 14.04)

The problem is Firefox, replicated there. Does not happen on Chrome.
The admin is currently fully tested with Chrome, can you open an issue about this on our tracker?

OK, will do

Thanks, fixed - will get in the next update

The problem appears fixed. On Linux Chrome April 2015, the date picker shows all grayed out dates on the bottom line. This is not necessarily bad…