Custom page access rules unclear

Hi Andy,

could you give us an example of the yaml headers needed to have a custom access rule.
For example: I want to allow a certain user access to only certain pages, forbid him to edit others. How exactly do we have configure this?

login: true
(super)pages: true
fullname: 'Your Name’
title: Administrator
hashed_password: $2y$10$7XbXqoQWz.Zz6gWkA7LkWOO3NkrwlXBkzX8D08ODM5JW8BawgJ0rG

just simply change the super to pages. In the user/accounts.To know more, just click this link

Currently there is no per-page editing ACL in Admin.

If a user is granted access to edit a page, it can edit other pages too.

If you are talking about frontend page restrictions (not admin), then you could put something like this in the page header:

  site.login: true
  site.private: true

Then you just need to ensure the user has site.private access:

fullname: Johnny Appleseed
    login: true
    private: true

There really are no restrictions on this… you can call it anything you like. You just have to ensure your user has the matching access to the page.

Well, In fact I indeed meant restricting the admin access to certain pages