Custom Gantry Layouts Not Loading In Grav

Hello. I am working on a website in Grav using the Gantry framework. Everything seems to be working fine except the custom layouts. I cannot seem to be able to get Grav or Gantry(not sure which one is causing it), to load any custom layouts I make, or load the changes I make to the existing layouts.

Grav: 1.6
Gantry: 5.4.31
Theme: Hydrogen
I have been putting the YAML files in the custom folder, which from my understand is what your suppose to do. They are placed in custom/layouts.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong…
Any tips? Thanks!

Hi @nerdheart101, I’ve not used Gantry with Grav for a while but I remember it being a bit tricky to determine exactly where custom theme and blueprints need to be located - have you reviewed this page (with the “Grav” info tabs selected)?