Creating content dynamically from a csv file using PHP

As part of my journey looking into Grav … I had a site (GetSimple CMS, but this seems to have fallen over hence looking into a lightweight/similar replacement) that took data for events from a .CSV file and then generated an events listing page dynamically populating the page for either a listings or single event page using some trivial PHP functions to handle reading the file and generating the HTML.

I’m assuming Grav is capable of something similar but I am having difficulty getting my head round how this might work especially as Grav pages, via Twig, are rendered as HTML.

Can anyone point me to anything I might read on how to do this?


Sounds like you will need a custom plugin. You can start by checking this one and then implementing your own logic

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you could also take a look at this plugin which creates an events listing page from an .ics (calendar) file.
should not be too hard to modify this so it can read events from a .csv file instead.


Thanks both, I thought a plugin might be the right option.

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