Count-views records unusually many visits on the "error" page


I have a question that might not be grav-specific, but I appreciate any hints or readings to give me a direction.

I have a grav website and use the count-views plugin to see roughly how interesting my site is. I record about 5-10 visits per week. So I guess that’s my mom and her tea party friends.

Last week, I recorded >700 extra visits on my /error page. “Trending”, I guess. Visits on all regular subdomains were normal.
What could be going on? Is this something to be worried about? Are there tools to block seemingly automatic repeated visits?

Thanks in advance!

@falkm, I installed and took a quick look at the count-views plugin and did some tests…

Every request to a non-existing url seems to add to the count of the /error page.

Because of the sudden large increase of hits on /error, I guess the script(s) of one or more hackers have visited your site. These scripts try a set of urls (known for their vulnerabilities) to detect possible attack areas. Since most (if not all) of these urls will not be found on your site, the counter for /error will go through the roof…

Bad news:

  • Sadly, you are not trending…
  • You mom may have bad friends… :wink:
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Thank you for the explanation, @pamtbaau!
Let’s hope that my mom only invites friendly pen-test folks, and that those folks did not find anything :wink:



If you want to know the url that causes the 404 error, try my logerrors plugin, I guess you may find some urls like wp-login or administrator. urls that used to atack other cms.
You will need the data-manager plugin to visualize data.