How to align Text and Picture

Hi all, i’m an absolute beginner and i’m trying to create my first own page. It’s a little bit difficult for me, because i’m not a programmer and have only low skills in CSS.
My question:
I want to write some content with Text and a Picture in the same line/area. When i upload a picture i can choose if the position is left or right - but it looks not so nice, the picture is too high and should be centered vertically with the text. Is it easy to create a table? Would be nice if you have an (easy) tipp for me.

Sorry for my bad english,

br Mark

Do you have a visual example how it should look?

Hi Karmalakas,

there was already something similar but i can’t fix it with this answer:

I just wanted to know how i can adjust the image on the right side and center it or put it to the bottom with the last sentence. Currently it’s in the right upper. I’m only using markdown and choosed the picture on the right side (grav ui)

Hope you understand me :slightly_smiling_face:

BR Mark

Since your not shared your current code and visual issues:
I just understand your issues based on your content, May be it could help you…

<div id="photo" style="text-align: center">
  <img style="vertical-align:middle" src="https://site_path/example.jpg" alt="">
  <span style="vertical-align:middle">Your content here</span>