Correct Way to copy a site to a new server?

I have an existing grav setup on my webserver.
Now, I would like to have two copies of this site on a new server, with the same theme, users and configurations, just a different name.

For this I thought I could set up two grav installations, and then just copy the user directory from my site to them. However, this has lead to some problems like pages showing ‘invalid security token’ from time to time or some (but not all) sites refusing to save changes.

What is the correct way to copy the site, so those issues do not occur?

Hello @Sirence
may this be helpful?

Hi Ryan,

thank you for your link. I do not think I have the exact same problem, since I only have the error on some pages, no matter how long or short the content, while I can save much longer pages just fine.
But I do think it could be related, I assumed the error came from copying the user folder, but it might indeed be a different configuration on the new servers. I’ll look into that.

Thanks for your input!

Any progress? If not, it might be a cache related problem…
Try clearing your cache (all)

Hope it helps, if it doesn’t keep us updated :slight_smile:

Hi RobLui,

sadly I could not find a difference in the server configuration. The PHP Error Log shows nothing either.

I tried clearing the cache, but the problem still exists. I tried to find something in common between the sites that give the error, but could not find any hint. Some of the old pages I copied have the error, but not all, and some pages I add have it (but again, not all new pages).

I think I will have to reinstall grav and just copy all settings manually by hand in the admin panel once I have the time.

OK, yes sadly enough that’d be the safest option, I’ll tag ‘help wanted’ because I’m no expert in this problem either :slight_smile:

Good luck finding the solution!