How to restore a Grav Backup to a new server

I have a backup of a Grav site that I wish to restore.

In my ignorance I believed that I could simply extract the contents to the webspace, but this simply lead to a 500 error.

I have looked and cannot find a suitable description on how to restore a backup onto a new server ?

Any ideas?

I guess best thing would be to check error log

There may be differences in settings between the new and the old server.
I’ve found the most reliable way to change servers, do a clean Grav install on the new server first.

  1. Back up the old ‘user’ folder
  2. extract clean Grav to the appropriate folder.
  3. Use (temporary login and run the setup
  4. rename new user folder e.g to user.old
  5. restore your site user folder (original login will work)

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, will give that a try.

Best Regards

Hi, Did you get this working?
I’ve moved Hosting Company a few times and found most issues related too PHP settings

Sorry for th elate reply. didn’t get a chance to test it until now.

YES, it worked indeed.

I setup a separate folder where I extracted my backup.
Then I installed a fresh GRAV on the required domain, and did the initial setting up as a user. I now had a fresh GRAV site setup.

I then renamed the ‘user’ folder to ‘userORIG’, and finally simply dragged and dropped the restored ‘user’ folder into the root of the domain (beside the ‘userORIG’ folder.

Please note, if you try to drag and drop within cPanel, then some hidden files might be left in the extracted place. I therefore user drag and drop in Filezilla.

All good and KUDOS to JERRY.