Configure Multiple Servers with different purposes?

As a teacher, one of my biggest complaints in my technology line of work is how little humanity and empathy as technicians we tend to show towards those who struggle attempting to understand our jargon or follow our users guides. I have written several DIY job-aide guides and must say that the guide presented for implementing the Apache server is one of the easiest to follow and understand. Great Job!

Now to my question. After completing the server installation and deploying the environment I’m unable to access localhost and by accident I realized, I have a previous Apache server running on this same HD. I run Plex Media Server which uses Apache server on or localhost:32400. I’m able to access the “It Works!” page on However the browser fails to connect to the server on or simply localhost. Any guidance that can clarify my mistake will be most appreciated.


Mac Mini with Mac Os X El Capitan 10.11

From your question I don’t understand if you have a server listening on port 80, did you setup Apache to do that?