Newbie question about installing Grav on Mac OS 10.12

Willing to give Grav a try I just downloaded a skeleton package, and did unzip it to what I believe is the webroot per default of my Mac (OS10.12 comes with a default apache server, right?): /Library/WebServer/Documents/

But when I try to access it with http://localhost/grav-skeleton-boxify-site I get nothing but a “This site can’t be reached”. Note that I get the same when simply hitting http://localhost

So, I assume the apache server is not running automatically. Is that right? Grav install page is not very explicit on all those aspects. Any hint is most welcome…



there are some blog posts about developing on Mac that helped me a lot:
macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apache Setup: Multiple PHP Versions, Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Please note that it might be a little different since you are using macOS 10.12, but I think it could be helpful.

Thanks, I thought the post was dedicated to a peculiar issue, but it gave
me the hint I needed. A simple
sudo apachectl start
solved part of my issue since no I have a localhost server running…

Now it says that
You don't have permission to access /grav-skeleton-boxify-site/ on this server.
But this is clearly solvable. Thanks for the reference!


Those blog post address all issues with permissions becuase it prompts you to run the web server with your ‘user’ account rather than the default user.

I have exactly the same message under Windows and Xampp while using ALIASES : it’s a problem of HTACCESS and of tweaking it to allow a good operation with aliases (if you configured one).

I solved it by adding a line :
Options +FollowSymlinks

In every bundle projects that I used, there is always the problem of addind this line, wich is completly ignored by authors of documentations.

I know that cleaning the webrowser cache helps in simple situations. For more complicated situations (like yours I suppose) read article about 8 solutions to fix the problem this site can’t be reached