Conditional forms with JQuery plugin

Hi guys,
I want to build a form with conditional fields (shown or hidden based on the field values of other fields). I could use a jQuery plugin ( to make things easier but I would have to extend the GRAV forms plugin to accept new markdown attributes (data-cond-option and data-cond-value) to make it work. The rendered field html has to be wrapped with a div with extra attributes like this

<div class="conditional" data-cond-option="example" data-cond-value="yes">  

How can I make GRAV process field markdown like this:

      name: mytextfield
      label: Your Name
      type: text
      classes: conditional
      data-cond-option: example
      data-cond-value: yes

Or is there a better way to build conditional form fields in GRAV?

Sorry - please replace markdown with YAML frontmatter

The form plugin now has a basic conditional field. I ‘just’ added it this past week and as yet it is not documented. However, here is a quick example of how to use it:

Basically it will only include the fields below it if the field.condition == 'true'

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I can’t get this working. Could you please give a more concrete example?