Comment form not showing (comments - plugin)


I use a variation of the pinpress theme and try to implement the commencts plugin.

But the comment form does not show. I just see a batch “0 Comments”.

My configuration:
/blog = blog page with the list of the blogposts
/blog/first-blog-post = URL of the blog posts

enabled: true


  • ‘/blog’


  • /blog/blog-post-to-ignore
  • /ignore-this-route
    #- ‘/blog/daring-fireball-link’

{% if not truncate %}
{% if config.plugins.jscomments.enabled and config.plugins.jscomments.provider %}


{{ jscomments(config.plugins.jscomments.provider) }}

{% endif %}
    {% if config.plugins.comments.enabled %}
    <div class="comments" id="comments">
      <h4>{{ grav.twig.comments|length }} Comments:</h3>
      <div class="comments-content">
        {% include 'partials/comments.html.twig' with {'page': page} %}
    {% endif %}

If I take the latest pinpress skeleton and install it to I have the same issue. Comment form does not show.

Any ideas.

Try switching the theme to Antimatter, which follows the same structure so you should not need any change. Is the comments form appearing?

Yes, when I use Antimatter theme it works. So the problem seems to be pinpress.
I dont know why. Because the demo which is linked on this site works with comments.

What I try next…

I watch how the code looks in antimatter an try im implement it in pinpress.

Thanks for you help

Looks like Pinpress has a custom comments twig:

Remove it and the form will surely show up. Pinpress provides it to have custom HTML structure, but somewhere it fails.

Simply remove user/themes/pinpress/templates/partials/comments.html.twig. I checked and it’s not providing any styling improvement. Plus, it’s breaking the form submit. I’ll issue a theme update.

Thanks a lot. It is working now… Great support, awesome CMS!