Comments plugin without submit form

I’m currently trying to get the comments plugin to show comments on pages without the comment submit form.
the reason is, I’m migrating an existing Wordpress blog to Grav, which is now mostly working,
but I don’t want to enable submitting comments on old posts which already have comments, those should only be visible.
I wonder if this might be possible by tweaking comments.html.twig (already tried that without success) or if this would need the plugin source code to be modified (by e.g. introducing a new ‘show_comments’ twig variable ?

just to answer my own question :wink: - I solved the problem by using a modified item_cform.html.twig which would incorporate an also modified partials/blog_item_cform.html.twig, including the comments submit form.
Now I can use this for (new) posts as long as I want comments submit to be enabled.
Later, I use templates which just show the comments, but no submit form.