Can grav scale ? (+ find function in select page list)


I am using grav for a while now (1+ year). I’ve been using it even with sites with up to 60+ pages. It gets little slow, but the biggest problem is in admin when my clients want to add new page and to do that they have to find parent page, from all the pages (which with modules could be 120+ items in list).

Will there be implemented some kind of “find” function for page select ? I would really fancy that. Or maybe even somehow select what pages can be parent (because my clients and I dont need all pages to be used as parent).

Last question: Am I using grav wrong ? Is it suited to even bigger websites ? I am talking maybe 200+ pages (maybe usually blog items ?

Yes, it scales pretty well up to 1000 pages pretty easily. There are other things to take into consideration that just pure page count. Your site could be getting slow because of plugins, such as ‘related pages’ that have to evaluate the data in every page to work. Also if you are using lots of large images that are reprocessed when you clear cache could have an impact. Hosting also can make a huge difference, so make sure you are hosting on a modern ssd-based hosting provider. Check our docs for some good hosts that are cheap as well as fast.

On the page editing view, the parent field is actually searchable, simply delete the selection and type:

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Just FYI, we have seen sites being developed with Grav with 5000+ pages, and this can be achieved if you are careful to limit the twig-based logic and try to do things in the page content (that are cached) as much as possible.

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