Cannot see Admin Dashboard when site is deployed

When running my site locally I can log in at /admin and use the Admin plugin. When my site is deployed I can log in but I get the message “You dont’ have sufficient access to view the dashboard…” after successfully logging in.

My local environment is running PHP 5.6.10 and my remote server is running PHP 5.5.21. Both are using the Apache webserver. To deploy I’ve scp’ed the site from my local machine to the remote one. I’m running Grav 1.0.8.

Any ideas why the site does not work when deployed to my remote server?

Can you compare the user account on our local and production site? Specifically check the access portion, they should match.

They match. Both are:

      login: true
      super: true
      login: true

You should try deleting the user on the your production site, and recreating it.

Recreating the user on the production server worked. Why would the user generated locally not work on the server?

The encryption of the password uses (in part) a security key that is unique to the server. This is important to ensure that the encrypted password won’t just work for every server. It’s advised to not sync the passwords.

Do I need to recreate the user then or can I just reset the password on the server?