Theme in the Homepage

Is the theme currently used in (your homepage) available? Or atleast can be copied(I mean by reverse engineering CSS), pheraps modifying some colors? I really like the planets and the effects!

Welcome @xx1182! From what I know it was a custom theme developed for (i.e. Tribly Media) and is not available publically.

Oh, but, can I copy it?
I could leave a link in the footer

Based on the copyright displayed on I would suggest not.

Can i ask why? It says MIT license, and the theme doesn’t seem to be copyrighted

Anyways I’m underage, like 11yo so I’m not accounted for my mistakes!
Best Regards!

Maybe you should ask Eduardo Santos.
While GRAV is under MIT, the software does not include Planetoid theme. So the theme is under some other licence if not all rights reserved?