Can i create a website like motorcycle listing on grav?

I have spend alot of time (designing and developing) my hobby motorcycle website in laravel. I realized its just a pain to manage the backend UI code. So i just want to know can Grav handle a complex project like this?
Here is the website above. But i will be adding more complex features like comparing 2 bikes with each other etc. Also motorcycles will have details specifications that might be used in other features like bike finder etc.

I don’t want anyone’s help regarding this. But just want to know if this is possible. So i can invest my time in learning grav.

Hello @hassan and welcome.
Yes, it can be done with Grav. Grav is very powerful, you can do even a more complex structure website than the one you show. By the way using the LightSlider plugin you will have a very nice slider for your motorcycle with the navigation arrows in the right place.
Check all the Grav documentation, and for your special need, check for:

  1. Page Collections: Page Collections | Grav Documentation
  2. Taxonomy Collections: Page Collections | Grav Documentation
  3. Taxonomy: Taxonomy | Grav Documentation
  4. General Recipes: General Recipes | Grav Documentation
    It contains many solutions related to Grav in general, like creating a Simple gallery, Render content in columns, a Simple css image slider and more, check the internal menu on the right.
    Hope this helps, regards.