Can anchors plugin options be customised?

AnchorJS provides various options to customise the exact way it works.

I know that the .yaml files can be overridden in /user/config/plugins/anchors, but is there anything similar for .js or .css customisation, or does it require forking the plugin and editing it directly?

I’ve not really implemented many of the features of the anchorJS script. In fact when I created the plugin originally, the JS didn’t have much in the way of customization. I think this plugin is due for some updates of the JS script itself, and also some integration of the options.

Would be great if you forked it, added the functionality, and then issue a PR back to the main repo, so we can get those updates added in? Thanks!

Well, as I didn’t hear back from you, I updated the plugin myself.

Sorry for the slow reply. I didn’t have chance to take another look into this in the meantime. Since you already did it I’ll just give it a try.