Build quiz with Grav

I’m using Grav for a while now and am super happy with it :slight_smile:
I would like to build a frontend form with 6 to 10 questions that only display’s the questions one at a time. After finishing every question the user has to submit his / her name and e-mail. What would be the best approach for this in Grav?
I would like to include this as a modular in a page. Should I just build a new modular or is a plugin easier? And anyone some tips?? :slight_smile:


I’ve not done that myself in Grav itself, but another approach to consider might be using something like Typeform and embed it into Grav…

Thanks it looks great! But at this moment I would like to have something on the site itself instead of embedding a third party. Any ideas on how to build a quiz from the forms plugin? I’m really looking for a way to start.

Not sure myself, hopefully someone else on the Forum might have some insight.