Browser language priority problem on multi-language site

Hello. I have a problem with multi-language site behaviour. My site is in two languages: PL (default) and EN. When the priority on your browser is set that Polish language is first and English is second all things work good - you can easily switch between two available language versions.

Problem is when you browser has a priority set to show non-Polish (English) version of site first (the rest of the world ;)). Then you get English version of the site, and you cannot change it to Polish - it redirects you back to English.

This is my laguage config. Is there something obvious that I’m missing?

    - pl
    - en
  default_lang: pl
  include_default_lang: false
  include_default_lang_file_extension: false
    pl: ['pl']
    en: ['en', 'pl']
  http_accept_language: true
  session_store_active: false

Your config is good. Have you try Langswitcher plugins before? you must try it, and try lookup skeletons example with multilang support.

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@goraht, Have a look at existing issue on Grav repo: Default language unreachable when preferred browser language is different

NB. It’s a Grav core issue, hence LangSwitcher will not solve this issue.

Ah I see… and you discovered it first :wink: Thank you. I see then no other way then just ignore it until it will be fixed, or change one of the settings (or both of them):

include_default_lang: false -> true


http_accept_language: true -> false


and you discovered it first

Not quite, it was Werdi who discovered it first. See this thread