LangSwitcher get's overwritten by the browser's default language

Dear Grav community,

I’m working on an issue I have with our website:
The problem is related to the language selection. Our website is available in 7 different languages. We use LangSwitcher v1.5.0 on Grav v1.7.34.

We also use a language detection code that detects your browser’s preferred language and sets it automatically. The problem is that whenever you have a browser default language that isn’t English, and you try to go to English, it automatically jumps back to your default browser language.
Example: Browser default language German, I open the website → Jumps automatically to to the german language (/de at the end). I switch my language to English, but still I get redirected to German.
It seems normal since we are detecting the language.

Is there any way I can ignore the browser default language whenever I’ve decided to display the website in English anyway?

Thank you so much.

I think in this code there should be some logic, which would skip the detection if user selects language explicitly