Bower and gulp alongside GPM?

Is it a good or bad thing to use bower and gulp or grunt alongside the grav cli gpm?
I want to set up folderwatching for uglifiers and csspreprocessors etc and also installing and keeping various javascripts up-to-date.

I can hardly find anything on gulp, grunt or bower in the docs.


The two things are unrelated - GPM is used to manage installation of plugin and themes (and core Grav).

The tools you listed I suppose are used during development of your own plugins, and for those you can use whatever you want.

Am I missing a piece of the puzzle?

Correct me if I’m mistaken, @supinum, but are you thinking in terms of development tools for themes and plugins? I regularly use Bower, Gulp, and NPM alongside Grav for development, but mainly Composer as it is a more environment-apt solution - Grav is PHP, as is Composer, so updating requires no foreign back-end dependencies.

There is nothing hindering you from using other development tools alongside the GPM, as that simple maintains the state of Grav, themes, and plugins, but I would advise diligence in .gitignoring all development-tools - you don’t want to commit a mass of development-dependencies unnecessarily.

Nor do you want to write a theme or plugin dependent on installing dependencies which it cannot create, like through NPM or Bower as these rely on Node for installation. Only submit a complete package, ready for distribution, with compiled resources. Note that this applies generally: GPM does not leverage Composer dependencies.