Hello. How can I use the Bootstrap framework in default theme without having to ruin the appearance?

You can install the Bootstrapper plugin which will load the bootstrap CSS, but since Bootstrap adds its own CSS I’m afraid it cannot really be added without affecting the overall style applied to the page, and tweaking the original theme.

Ok, ty.

I still have a question. What existing template supports Bootstrap with no problems ??

Each theme uses a variety of things. I know that Bootstrap theme uses the Bootstrapper plugin. Boxify includes a version of bootstrap on it’s own (no need for bootstrapper plugin). Halcyon uses bootstrap also. There’s probably many more, i just clicked a few.

Basically just click on the “repo” link of the various themes, and look in the css/ or assets/css folders to see what it’s using.

Ok thanks. Sorry I forgot to mention but I need a theme that supports blog. And not to ruin the look they use Bootstrap.