Body_classes setting not visible in frontmatter although is present inside the file and UI form

I’m using the default Quark theme. I found that “Body classes” is a nice feature for one of my pages, so I set it up and it worked. However, when I switched Admin UI to Expert mode I was surprised to see that body_classes is missing from there. So I decided that maybe it’s stored somewhere else. But then I opened up the file in my text editor and I see that body_classes is present there. I refreshed admin UI, text editor multiple times - the same result, no body_classes in frontmatter, but present in both file and UI form field.

What’s going on? Why Grav admin UI does not display this property in the frontmatter if it’s clearly present in the file and works?

I was under impression that frontmatter should include everything I set in those non-expert dialogs, but now this issue creates a weird situation when I can actually set more things through UI than in frontmatter.


@progmars, Unfortunately, you seem to be right… Please create an issue at Issues · getgrav/grav-plugin-admin · GitHub

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