Quark One Page – Error when editing class: offset-box with Admin GUI

In a fresh install of Grav with the Quark One Page skeleton, I edited “Advanced > Overrides > Visible” in the Homepage Highlights modular via the Admin GUI.

This worked, but changed the class: offset-box to class: small in the front matter.

Since there is no way to change this class via the Admin GUI Normal mode, I switched to Expert mode.

However, when I changed the class: small back to class: offset-box in the front matter, I got the following error:

0 - An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Template "modular/features.html.twig" is not defined.").

I was only able to change the class: small back to class: offset-box in the front matter by directly editing the features.md file itself.

Related, even viewing and saving (but not editing) the Homepage Highlights page in Expert mode causes same following error.

I was able to replicate this in both Safari and Firefox (Mac).

I am facing the same problem. I hope someone gives a solution on this soon.

EDIT: Do the developers even check this forum? For me an active forum and support from the developers is a must to use any CMS. I’m sure all the webdesigners would be more interested in Grav if their problems were solved faster by Grav developers.

It’s because the options you’re choosing don’t exist in blueprints/modular/features.yaml

If you’re happy to change the theme directly rather than override it, then you can go in there and see there are options for ‘small’ and ‘standard’ - it’s just a matter of adding some others. Here’s how mine now looks:

small: Small   = 4 / 3 / 2 columns
standard: Standard  = 3 / 2 / 1 columns
offset-box small: Offset Box small
offset-box standard: Offset Box standard 

The keys are the css classes, the values are the text visible in the drop-down. Once you’ve saved the file, go back into the feature, select the appropriate option and save.

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Thank you!

Is the exclusion of the options in features.yaml a bug or the intended design?

Just curious as I’m learning about Grav …

Thanks again for the helpful reply!