Body_classes how to use?

i’m working on modular skeleton template, and i’ve found this in the headers :

body_classes: “modular header-image fullwidth”

how to use that? how this is working?
i was searching inside the documentation but i haven’t found nothing, i can also collaborate to write some nice documentation (grav documentation it’s ++++++ really nice!)

It’s not in the docs because its not a grav core features… It’s merely something that is supported by the Antimatter theme. Basically if you look in the templates/partials/base.html.twig of Antimatter you will see:

<body id="top" class="{{ page.header.body_classes }}">

So basically this means that Antimatter theme, is looking for this page header and setting it on the <body> tag. This can be used by CSS to target any page.

Grav is super flexible allowing you to do things like this. This is not a specific configuration like you might see in other CMS platforms because it’s totally free-form and unstructured.

Imagine it, then make it happen :slight_smile: That’s the Grav way :slight_smile:

uahuuu, really speedy answer :slight_smile:
thank you, i will look into that :smiley: