Blueprint Import Jumping Sections

I have a blueprint situation I can’t quiet figure out: I have a fields/media-tile.yaml, which includes an optional fields/buttons.yaml to render a button in the tile. This works just fine. The issue comes when I import the media tile into a grid, in modular/media-tile-grid.yaml: Where most of the props stay with their appropriate tile (title, text color, background image, etc.), the button jumps out of it’s own media tile array, making it appear on all media tiles in the grid. Long story short: if I want to add a button to one tile in the grid, it will appear in all of them. I can manually fix this by moving the button in the final markdown file, but that’s easily broken by content editors (and a pain!).

What am I doing wrong in my blueprint? Simplified version pasted below, with .tile_buttons being the issue.

      name: media_tiles
      type: list
      style: vertical
      label: Media Tiles
          type: text
          label: Title
          type: editor
          label: Main Copy
          type: file
          multiple: false
          label: Background Image
          destination: '@self'
            - image/*
          type: select
          label: Background Color (if no image)
              0: None
              blue: Blue
              green: Green
          type: section
            type: fields/buttons
            context: blueprints://

Here’s what the output looks like — this image shows the second of 3 tiles in a grid. I saved the button in the second tile, but you can see it here displaying a level up (outside of the tiles entirely), and therefore displaying on all three tiles.