Bluehost installation issues resolved

I installed the Grav Core + Admin Plugin on a Bluehost shared account. I experienced the following issues:
[I used the method of uploading and extracting the zip files.]
Bluehost is not happy with directories with 775 permission - I had to chmod them all to 755
Bluehost is not happy with files with 664 permission - I had to chmod them all to 644
(I used PuTTY SSH with the command “find /your/path/here -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;” for changing all the directory permissions and “find /your/path/here -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;” for changing all the file permissions.)

I still had no success. I then copied an older version of the index.php file from an older working instance of Grav that I have. I showed up the error. My php version was too low. I need to point out here that the index.php that comes with the latest download just did not run - I think it does not catch the error of the php version early enough.

I could configure my php version on Bluehost to ver 5.6. After that I changed the index.php back to the latest one. This time: SUCCESS!

I hope my experiences can help others trying to install Grav on shared hosts.

In short: ensure you have the correct version of php running and ensure you have the correct file permissions

It seems like the version 1.1.0 rc3 has resolved all the above issues. The only difference on my system was that php 5.6 was activated before trying to install. I simply unzipped the grav+admin zipfile into my root directory and pointed the browser to it. All the directory and file permissions were as allowed by Bluehost i.e. 755 and 644. The installation was smooth. Thank you.