Installer problem

I’m a newbee on Grav and am trying install 5.1 to the server now.
the checks were almost passed except the last one.
installer said “you should not include ‘.php’ on the pass” and ask me to rename, however I didn’t use the file extension.
I mean the installer detected the word “php” on my domain name like “”.
I personally can’t change the name because it’s host’s policy.
In such a case, what shall I do?

If I can find the checker code, I can patch …

How are you installing? Where are you seeing this error message “you should not include ‘.php’ on the pass”? Can you provide a more full log of the install process? Your URL doesn’t matter to Grav.

Just wondering… what is there to “install”? Grav only requires an unzip.

Also, I did a $ grep -r 'you should not' and $ grep -r 'on the pass' but nothing found.

Thank you Perlkonig, for your response.

I downloaded core+admin, unzip in my desktop and uploaded by FTP because my host allows FTP only, No SSH. I put all files and directories in my top.

I found .htaccess, addons, data, include, themes, and so on.

Then I access to the top from outside, I found the webpage showing “Installation -v5.1” and “Checking Server”…

What do you mean “Then I access to the top from outside, I found the webpage showing …”?

This is not a Grav install screen I have ever seen. This sounds like a server problem. You appear to be uploading your stuff to a folder with the string .php in it, which your host is not allowing you to do. So upload into a different folder.

Could there be remnants of a Sybase installation on this server?

How does the folder structure look like where Grav is installed? Not just its own contents but from the top down and its sibling neighbours.

I’m installing on the server managed by 3rd party like A2 hosting service. The server is only allow tocuse FTP and no way to use console that’s why I unzip on my desktop and upload from my PC.
It’s not a simple environment like LAMP mixed on a small PC.

Sorry, it was not Grav.

I understood it is an installation on a hosted server.

But shouldn’t you be able to see the folder structure using an FTP client?

I would expect something like:


What makes this installation suspicious to me is the following:

  • I see in the image ‘Magic Quotes Sybase’, which leads me to suspect the presence of Sybase code.
  • I also see ‘…/public_html/data’ which is not part of Grav
  • I also see ‘…/public_html/index.html’ which is not part of Grav
  • I see ‘…/pubic_html/include/install’ which is not part of Grav

Regarding Grav, I downloaded grav-admin and multilangage skelton but still couldn’t see the pages.
I’m installing on sharing server and it supports html server, php server abd SQL server.

If I can see ordinally installing image of Grav’s files and directories, it’s quite helpful.

Thank you very much.

Just curious, have you been able to install Grav in the meantime?